ECSOs (Energy Supply Companies)

Alongside our energy management capabilities we have the technical ability to extend the service to a full ESCO provision.  We are currently in discussion with a range of investors who are looking for investable opportunities.  This would result in lowering the capital cost of the overall project as the energy provision would be separately funded.

We take a strategic approach to the energy and carbon emission aspects of the building design and how this interacts with the building fabric and the building services.

There is an overriding strategic factor which can be considered on this project as it will be worth considering alternative energy strategies.  Depending on the scale of the project there may be an opportunity to consider an Energy Supply Company (ESCO) model which could provide some significant benefits:-

  • Lower energy costs 
  • Lower carbon footprint
  • Possibility of introducing capital funding into the scheme (reducing the capital cost of build) 
  • Ensuring professional management of the building services within the Development