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Types of Lighting for Home Interiors

Lighting is one of the elements that really makes or breaks a house design. It can either make or break the ambiance of the place. In my opinion, there are three types of lighting that play a major role in any home design. The purpose is to emphasize the parts of a house where guests, family, and friends spend most of their time. This is done by proper lighting that illuminates the parts of the rooms where people generally spend the majority of their time, making the rooms feel cozy and inviting.


The first type of lighting solutions is lighting for the purpose of visual comfort. It is normally done by using overhead fixtures or fluorescent lights that provide illumination at night. These overhead fixtures are mostly found in the kitchen and bathroom. Under cabinet lighting solutions provide adequate illumination but they don’t create visual comfort like that of an overhead light.

Lighting for the purpose of safety is also provided by different lighting fixtures. One popular example of this is wall sconces. Wall sconces have been used widely by homeowners to decorate their homes since centuries. Some of these lighting fixtures are beautifully hand crafted to create unique lighting effects.

There are also practical lighting fixtures that provide light to dark hallways and stairwells. Examples of these are wall sconces and ground lamps. Another practical application is wall mounted spotlights. These are installed along the walls to illuminate hallways and stairwells during nighttime. Chandeliers and pendants are popular examples of this application. Pendant lighting fixtures are also popular for this application because they do not consume much energy and they offer beautiful illumination.

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A well-liked option for providing soft ambient light in the home is natural lighting. Natural lighting comes from a wide assortment of sources such as windows, skylights, doors, water fountains, and landscape features. It is created using materials such as ceiling fixtures, floor globes, hanging lanterns, and other decorative items that have been strategically placed to create a soft glow underfoot.


One type of lighting that is used for providing soft light at night is the use of dimmers. Dimmers are available in many designs. For instance, there are many models of lamps that can be controlled with a touch of a button. The majority of these types of lamps are motorized because they are typically more efficient when lighting large areas.

You can also find many lamps with dimmers that can be adjusted on a dime to give you just the right amount of light. Dimming your lamps helps you set the correct ambiance and makes dimmer settings convenient for use whenever you desire.

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Another type of lighting that can be incorporated into a room design is accent lighting. This occurs when two distinct sources of lighting are situated near each other so that the effect causes an interesting visual effect. In addition, dimmers can be used to control this type of lighting so that you can control the level of light it gives off.


One example of this type of lighting is a chandelier hung low to the ground, which serves as a source of both illumination and a focal point for the living room. If you wish to add lighting that suits a formal setting, you can find lamps that feature ornate designs that are appropriate for dining rooms, family rooms, or even master bedrooms.

Aside from chandeliers and pendant lights, you can also use other types of lighting fixtures to help make your home feel cozier and to add style and sophistication. These lighting solutions include desk lamps, table lamps, wall sconces, bar lights, picture-frame lights, floor lights, accent lights, cove lighting, and vanity lights.

When you combine various lighting fixtures, you create a more appealing overall interior design. The lighting fixtures you choose should also complement the architectural designs and color scheme of your home. After all, your home is a place where you get to relax every day so you don’t want to spend time in your home looking everywhere for lights.